6 Things Humans Do That Might Be Hurting Their Dog's Feelings

Yelling or Harsh Discipline:

 Dogs don’t understand the context of anger or raised voices. Instead of teaching them a lesson, yelling can cause anxiety and fear, potentially leading to behavioral problems.

Inconsistency in Training: 

Changing the rules or being inconsistent with commands can confuse dogs and make them anxious.

Not Allowing Socialization:

 Dogs are social animals. Not letting them interact with other dogs or people, especially during their formative months, can lead to behavioral issues and anxiety around unfamiliar situations.

Neglecting Their Needs:

 Whether it's skipping walks, not providing enough playtime, or ignoring their basic needs, this can lead to frustration and sadness in a dog.

Using Negative Reinforcements:

 Positive reinforcement training is generally more effective and kinder than negative reinforcements. Punishing a dog for unwanted behavior, like using shock collars or other aversive methods, can harm their trust in you and cause anxiety.

Leaving Them Alone for Extended Periods:

 Dogs are pack animals and thrive on companionship. Leaving them alone for long durations can lead to separation anxiety, destructive behavior, and depression.

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