5 Ultra-Processed 'Health' Foods You May Not Know About.

5 Ultra-Processed 'Health' Foods You May Not Know About.

Some "healthy" foods are ultra-processed.

Chicken sausages are strong in protein, have few ingredients, and have less sodium and saturated fat than veggie sausages, making them better for meat eaters.

Veggie sausages

Salad kits make it easy to eat vegetables in delightful salads. Choose kits with minimal ingredients in their dressings and toppings.

Salad kits

Plant-based milks contain emulsifiers and chemicals to prevent separation, which are not dangerous but make them more processed than cow's milk.

Plant-Based Milks

Trail mix makes a high-calorie snack." Make your own trail mix using unsweetened dried fruit and unsalted almonds to avoid commercial versions' sodium and sugar.

Trail mix

Best protein bars include 250 calories or less, 2–4 grams of fiber, 15–20g of protein, and minimal additives.

Protein Bars

Protein bars, vegetarian and vegan sausages, salad kits, and trail mix often claim to be high in protein or low in fat, but they may contain ultra-processed ingredients that can cause weight gain, cancer, dementia, and early death.

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