5 Sweet Ways Dogs Show They're Comfortable with Their Human

Leaning Against You:

 When your dog leans their body weight against you, it's a sign of trust and affection, like giving you a gentle hug.

Bringing You Their Favorite Toy:

 Dogs offering their cherished toys to their humans indicates trust and a desire to share something valuable with you.

Sleeping in Your Presence:

 If your dog sleeps belly-up with you or prefers to snuggle close when napping, it shows they feel safe and secure in your company. This vulnerable position indicates a high level of comfort.

Sighs or Groans of Contentment:

 When settled next to you, you might hear your dog give a deep sigh or groan. This is a sign of contentment and relaxation in your presence.

Tail Wagging:

 While dogs wag their tails for various reasons, a relaxed, side-to-side tail wag (especially with the rest of their body wiggling) when they see you is a clear sign of happiness and comfort.

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