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5 Benefits Of Astaxanthin For Skin

Natural astaxanthin supplements can protect against UV exposure by inhibiting free radical cell damage.

1. Prevents Sun and Free Radical Damage

This chemical can even prevent skin cancer cell proliferation and maintain healthy skin.

Astaxanthin reduces skin moisture loss and improves rough skin texture, according to a Japanese study.

2. Dries Out

Since astaxanthin protects the skin from UV radiation, it is a key component of various anti-inflammatory medications that treat inflammatory skin illnesses like psoriasis and AD.

3. Treats Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Astaxanthin activates the cellular antioxidant defense system, according to rat research. Protects skin from early burn wound progression and speeds wound healing.

4. May prevent wounds from worsening

Research suggests that ASX may have anti-aging characteristics and could treat and prevent skin aging and improve skin health.

5. Delays Skin Aging

After two weeks, an ASX-containing topical cream with other active compounds may boost collagen formation and minimize wrinkles and puffiness behind the eyes and on the cheeks.

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