Best Winter Nail Design Trends That Draw Inspiration From the Season

Stars and silver glitter—need we say more? The tinsel-strewn season calls for all things shimmer, so start with your winter mani.

1. Starry Night

Stone talks about winter fashion trends: "I think we're also going to see a lot of chocolate nails!" "I love this color because it goes with everything.

2. Color-Blocked Brown

When green is turned into a warm glossy, it becomes the perfect color for the season. You can paint over all of your beds or just put polish on one or two nails to make a small statement.

3. Metallic Green

A nail artist, said that gold leaf is a good medium for art. Randomly press over nails (or even fingers or hair) for a stylish, event-appropriate look.

4. Gold Leaf

Unexpected doesn't mean it's not festive. This baby blue shade feels sharp and fun for the holidays.

5. French Blue

This color is your go-to. As the year comes to a close, deep reds become more popular. This dark and beautiful color has become a springtime neutral.

6. Vamp Red

This literal take on the chocolate trend is still going strong. This rich color is warm and delicious, and it's sure to become a favorite.

7. Hot Cocoa

Florals? For winter? Should they feature deep hues and moody motifs, we are all in.

8. Moody Floral

Why not apply your polish as you would jewelry? Thoughtfully placed arcs of silver allow you to adorn nails to match your metallic mood.

9. Sterling Touches

While the best time to find mushrooms might be when it's a little warmer, this nail art and its Christmas-themed colors make it feel like the right time to wear them in the winter. Plus, it's really cute.

10. Magic Mushrooms