12 Envious Blunt Bangs Hairstyles

1. Wispy Wavy Blunt Bangs

Boredom of blunt, straight-cut bangs? Give them vitality and update their style. Wispy, blunt-waved bangs may partly obscure the forehead without overwhelming the look.

2. Platinum Wavy Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are dramatic, but dying your hair platinum can elevate the style. Blunt bangs, shaggy hairstyle, and golden hue—it doesn't get better.

3. Classic Blunt Bangs

Classic harsh bangs cut across the eyebrows. Stretch your hair and trim these bangs at eye level. This raises the bangs when relaxed. Style them perfectly using a straightener and comb.

4. Blunt Bangs With Layered Sides

One of the most popular anime haircuts. It started a trend that won't end. A traditional hairdo with an edge. Take some hair from each side after cutting your blunt bangs.

5. Fine Blunt Bangs

Most significantly, they cover a wide forehead. A large forehead may make your face seem enormous. Use this fine blunt fringe. It partly hides your forehead.

6. Curved Blunt Bangs

See how perfectly curled these eyebrow bangs are. Professional expertise and months of practice lead to such excellence. It indicates an excellent hairdresser. 

7. Tilted Blunt Bangs

Some people prefer their hair named. For instance, I comb my hair left. I discovered something intriguing when researching this.

8. Statement Blunt Bangs

These statement blunt bangs demand a certain facial shape and attitude. These bangs partially hide a wide forehead. They suit oval faces well.

9. Bold Blunt Bangs

The side hair where the bangs terminate is shaved. It highlights the bangs. This style works beautifully on long faces. Regardless, don't dismiss this one yet. 

10. Full Blunt Bangs

Thick bangs are the best method to show off thick hair. Please listen! Blunt bangs look great and make thick hair appear even thicker.

11. Feathered Blunt Bangs

Thick blunt bangs may not suit a tiny yet broad forehead. Choose these gently feathery bangs. The top is thick and the end thins. They highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

12. Simple Blunt Bangs

If you like a basic U-cut and want to spice it up, consider this blunt fringe. It may change a layerless V- or U-cut. Choose thicker ends over choppy bangs. It enhances a plain haircut.

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