10 Things That Will Fade Away as the Baby Boomer Generation Bows Out

We've all had trouble with spam calls, but scammers have mostly gone after relatively rich baby boomers. 

#1 Spam Calls

China shelves have been a mainstay in many homes, but younger people might like to use them for something else.

#2 China Cabinets

The days of cashiers being forced to stand throughout their shifts might be numbered.

#3 Standing Cashiers

In the last few decades, smoking has gone down a lot, and many people who used to smoke don't think it will come back. 

#4 Smoking

Even though silver-plated trays and coffee sets look nice, they need to be polished often, which takes time. 

#5 Silver-Plating

With the rise of streaming services and cell phones, cable TV and landline phones are becoming less important.

#6 Cable TV

Some users say they hope this type of humor, which often involves making fun of problems in relationships, will become less common.

#7 The Demise of “Spouse Bashing

Baby boomers are known for paying close attention to details when decorating and celebrating holidays.

#8 Detailed Décor

Once a normal thing to do, writing checks is becoming less and less common. Some users complain about how hard it is to do things like pay property taxes with checks.

#9 Check Writing

The days of hands-on personal service reminiscent of the 70s could be numbered.

#10 Personal Service Expectations