10 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad

Embracing Verbal Communication Over Nonverbal Cues

For dogs, body language and simple sounds tell them what's going on around them. This makes nonverbal speech more useful and clear.


Hugging is a way for people to feel better, but dogs may not understand what it means. They might see it as an attempt to dominate or an invasion of their personal space.

Caressing a Dog’s Face

Slow down and use light pressure when touching a dog's face to build trust and a bond. 

Maintaining Eye Contact with Unfamiliar Dogs

Maintaining prolonged eye contact with unfamiliar dogs can be risky.

Failure To Provide Structure and Rules

Like kids, dogs do best when there are clear rules and structures. They need to know what is expected of them and what the limits are.

Depriving Dogs of the Joy of Exploring on Walks

Dogs like to explore when they go for walks. Every outdoor trip is a different kind of sensory experience.

Using a Tight Leash

Leashes are important for pet safety, but too tight of a fit can be painful and stressful. Dogs, like people, like having their own area and being able to explore.

Having Tension

Dogs are incredibly perceptive creatures, able to sense and react to our emotions.

Reveling in the Art of Boredom

Your dog may feel the same way if their habits are too set in stone. Play, show them new tricks, change the way you walk, and meet new people or toys.


Dogs may not understand why the person they trust is denying them something they want, which can make them angry and confused.