10 Stylish Wedge Haircuts for Women Over 60

Classic Wedge: 

Elegant wedge haircuts are ageless. It frames the face with its small rear and gradually longer front.

Stacked wedge: 

The stacked wedge adds layers and volume to the back of the hair, making it more modern and textured.

Bangs-Layer Wedge: 

Soften your wedge hairstyle with layers and delicate bangs.

Undercut wedge: 

Wedge haircuts with undercuts are bolder. The length contrast is chic and edgy.

Asymmetrical Wedge: 

Try an asymmetrical wedge haircut with a longer side. Your hairstyle becomes modern and artistic.

Textured Wedge: 

Razored layers give your wedge haircut movement. This can enliven your hair.

Long Wedge 

Choose a wedge haircut with chin-length or longer front layers. This style has more styling options.

Highlighted wedge: 

Highlight or lowlight your wedge haircut. Hair with dimension looks fresh and lively.

Side-Sweep Wedge: 

Side-swept bangs flatten and frame your wedge hairstyle.

Curl-layered wedge: 

A layered wedge haircut showcases naturally curly hair. Your curls bounce and appear fun in this style.

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