10 “Old School” Traditions Gen Z is Bringing Back

Even though digital music is easy to access, Gen Z loves the feel of vinyl and its richer sound. They also appreciate the art of record covers.

Vinyl Records

Instant cameras and the joy of holding a physical picture are making a comeback, and many young people love having physical memories.

Polaroid Cameras

In this age of texting and instant messaging, a handwritten note stands out as a personal touch that makes conversation more intimate and thoughtful.

Handwritten Letters

Sustainable fashion is in, and Generation Z is leading the way by buying used clothes, lowering waste, and loving the unique styles of the past.

Thrift Shopping

Digital games are fun, but board games give you a chance to interact with other people. 

Board Games

Gen Z loves making things with their own hands, like knitting and do-it-yourself home projects.

DIY and Crafting

Many young people are beginning gardens or joining community plots to grow their own food and live sustainably.

Home Gardening

Drive-in movies are coming back because people want to get away from people.

Drive-In Theaters

Straight razors and safety razors are coming back into style. They give a better shave than disposable razors and use less plastic.

Classic Shaving Techniques

Gen Z is becoming more interested in cooking. They are moving away from processed foods and liking making meals from scratch.

Cooking from Scratch