10 Make-Up Tips Every Mature Woman Should Know

Adjust Your Colour Palette

As with most things in life, our hair color, skin tone, and even the brightness of our eyes vary as we age. All of these factors should be addressed while selecting makeup.

Try A Microcurrent Device

Microcurrent devices are well worth the money. I always claim that make-up can only do so much, but these products really lift and tighten your skin with consistent application.

Focus On Your Skincare

If your skin is dry, your makeup will not apply correctly and will crease and highlight the parts of skin you don't want to highlight.

Sculpt Subtly

If you want to sculpt and define your skin, keep your contour or bronzer close to the underside of your cheekbone. Also, keep it close to your hairline.

Embrace Asymmetry

 The assumption that we all have perfectly symmetrical faces with every feature matching from one side to the other is absolutely false.

Cover Up Correctly

Light coats of foundation are essential for young coverage. If you use too much product, it can call attention to any uneven tone.

Set Everything Down

If your make-up settles into small lines or slips off easily, try adding a very light translucent powder in between your layers of make-up. This will assist to keep things looking smooth and shiny.

Enhance Your Eyes

Opening your eyes immediately gives your face a more young and fresh look. Lash curlers are essential for this; start at the root and slowly clamp down.

Take It Easy On Your Brows

First and foremost, you want your brows to seem as natural as possible. 

Remember These All-Shade

Aubergine, whites, warm pinks, and golden tones, for example, look well on everyone, regardless of skin tone or age. 

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