10 Habits You Should Pick Up From Your Grandmother

1. Go for a walk

People who live in cities or walk a lot already know this, but it's still good to remember: walking is good for your body and mind! It's better to walk than drive if you can.

2. Cook from scratch

This was always going to be on the list; it's one of the rules of being a grandma. No matter how late you get home from work or how little you know about cooking, we want you to give it a try. 

3. Nurture a garden

And by this, we mean having a huge garden full of plants and flowers in the back or just a pot of basil on the window sill. 

4. Don’t eat fake things

Stay away from foods that your great-great-grandmother would not have known are food. Think about how lost your ancestors would be in a modern grocery store.

5. Write letters

I won't name names, but it's been so long since anyone here penned more than a few words that their once-precise calligraphy is now as legible as ancient Phoenician. 

6. Use natural remedies

No. She got up and gave grandpa some honey (and in fact, studies show that honey is more effective in treating a cough than cough syrup!).

7. Take care of your clothes; mend when needed

Maybe your grandmother didn’t actually darn socks but surely she did some mending.

8. Turn off some appliances

We're glad laundry day doesn't need a washboard, but we shouldn't rely on our appliances so much. They're expensive and utilize power that increases your carbon footprint.

9. Use your things until they die

Granted, styles changed less frequently and things lasted longer back in the days when our grandmothers bought stuff, but still.

10. Clean your home with things you can eat

Wise grandmothers avoided hazardous goods like caustic drain cleaners, oven cleaners, acidic toilet bowl cleaners, and synthetic fragrances that cause respiratory discomfort and headaches.