10 Grocery Shortages We're Already Seeing In 2024

Nowadays, grocery shopping is like battle preparation. You enter with a shopping list to find ransacked displays, missing favorites, and never-before-seen bargains. 

Despite playing What Grocery Store Item Will Be Missing This Week? during shortages, this sad grocery store narrative dogged us throughout 2022.

Already in January, the word of the year is "eggflation." Naturally, we're talking about the egg shortage.

San Francisco chef Ali Hooke's 2022 TikTok "tinned fish date night" videos established a trend. 

Due to the meat shortage, Wendy's 1984 tagline "Where's the beef?" may return this year.

Champagne shortage rumors are nothing new. After sales plummeted during the epidemic in 2020, demand for the drink spiked in 2021.

If eating more salads was your New Year's resolve, you may be in trouble (or have the ideal reason to cheat). After hitting restaurants

Aluminum demand spiked during the start of the pandemic due to panic-buying canned items and drinking more canned beverages at home. 

This shortage is concerning because most of us use cooking oil like sunflower and palm daily. The war in Ukraine is reducing the supply of this kitchen staple

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