10 Extraordinary Marley Twists Hairstyles For Women To Try

You are seriously mistaken if you think that pigtails are solely worn by little girls. The adaptability of Marley twists is what makes them beautiful.

1. Twisted Pigtails

Pull your Marley twists into a low ponytail, but leave out a couple of twists in the front to frame your face.

2. Face-Framing Ponytail

This no-effort style is your best option when you are in a rush. Simply tie your twists in a high ponytail! It takes less than a minute to do but looks super put-together for class or a work event.

3. High Marley Ponytail

You can keep the base color dark or black and add pops of any color you want by adding colored extensions to a few twists. It is well known that red looks great with black hair.

4. Two-Toned Marley Twists

These messy Marley twists create that effortless grunge look that we all know and love. Doing them with red extensions amps up the look.

5. Messy Twists

You can get long Marley twists regardless of how short your hair is. That’s the beauty of using hair extensions. 

6. Long Marley Twists

Marley twists were made to look like dreadlocks. But, over time, they have become more versatile and look more like twists than dreads.

7. Dreaded Marley Locks

Just like braids, twists are great add-ons for updos. Try twisting two twists together (boy that’s a tongue twister!) on either side to do a half crown updo.

8. Twisted Half Updo