10 Easy Braids for Short Hair You Can Do in Minutes

1. The Classic French Braid

The French braid is a timeless favorite, and it's equally fabulous for short hair. To achieve this look, start by parting your hair on one side.

2. The Bohemian Side Braid

For a more relaxed and carefree vibe, opt for the Bohemian side braid. Begin by gathering all your hair to one side and loosely braiding it.

3. The Waterfall Braid

This style creates the illusion of cascading strands, making it perfect for those with layered cuts.

4. The Crown Braid

Achieve a regal and elegant look with the crown braid, also known as the halo braid. It frames your face beautifully and works exceptionally well for short hair.

5. The Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are known for their intricate and visually appealing patterns. To create a fishtail braid for short hair, divide your hair into two sections.

6. The Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid, also known as an inverted braid, is a fantastic choice for short hair as it adds texture and depth to your look.

7. The Twisted Crown Braid

Elevate your short hair game with the twisted crown braid. This style combines elements of the classic crown braid with a modern twist.

8. The Half-Up Braided Bun

For a cute and practical option, try the half-up braided bun. Gather the top half of your hair and create a regular three-strand braid.

9. The Rope Braid

The rope braid is a simple yet stylish choice for short hair. To create this look, divide your hair into two sections.

10. The Braided Headband

Last but not least, the braided headband is a fantastic way to add a touch of glamour to your short hair.

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